The NZ HistorySearch blogs are intentionally created as ‘bite-size’ narratives offering social and cultural perspectives on aspects of New Zealand history. They demonstrate how the ordinary and apparently insignificant have value and, therefore, meaning; how it is possible to capture, contextualise and understand these elements within the  greater, unique narrative that is New Zealand history – a history mostly created by ‘ordinary’ people whose extraordinary stories remain largely untold.

Stories are told, or written, or recorded in all sorts of ways. Whether the technology was available or not, failure to record the stories and knowledge of the departed does not necessarily signal the end of the matter. A great deal is able to be retrieved, once we know how to go about it … which is where Jennie Coleman, principal writer of NZ HistorySearch blogs, is able to help.

Here’s a little of Jennie’s own history …

I grew up nurtured by story and music in an intensely rural environment. A fifth generation New Zealander, my inherited culture is essentially Celtic – from Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland, with a dash of Huguenot for good measure.

My earliest learning in this environment taught me that people, places, objects and events all provoke stories – real stories which must be told and re-told. Why? Because they are precious, they are ours and therefore they are unique. They are truly our most valuable possessions –  our very special treasure troves. They tell us who we are, where we came from and why we live the way we do.

As a researcher, writer and educator, my passion for New Zealand’s social and cultural history energises the professional support I offer those seeking to discover and understand both their own and their inherited roles in this country’s unique history. Collectively, these elements express the philosophic base of my business enterprise ResearchWriteNZ.

Read more about my professional background and academic activities.

Need to make sure those stories survive?

Want to create a legacy for your family?

“There’s no time like the present!”

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or send a message to jennie@researchwritenz.com

Let’s begin that journey NOW!


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