Here’s what the participants had to say …

“It was exciting to participate in something so new and fresh that was equally so very personal.”

“It was jam-packed full of information that was relevant to ME.”

“It opened my eyes to just what went on in 19th century emigrant voyages.”

“The diaries were made alive and real.”

“Suddenly I understood the trauma of these journeys on a different level.”

“These were my ancestors … you begin to admire them as heroes.”

“Excellent resources – imaginative and practical at the same time.

“Very professional and well-paced delivery – excellent presentation style.”

“I loved how you brought the diaries alive at significant points on the journey so that we could share them with each other.”

“It was wonderful to share and experience other people’s diaries … to learn intimately of the differing ways others approached this hugely significant piece of New Zealand history.”

In response to “What did you most appreciate?”, participants replied:

“Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere; informal, interactive presentation style; wide knowledge of the presenter; her ability to incorporate queries and discussion.”

“A first-class piece of work: an excellent day.”

“One of the best learning experiences I have had.”

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